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Bates Brinkley Realty
Bates Brinkley will feature a completely new look. I took their business card for the colors and designed everything else from the ground up. If possible this will include listings from the MLS/HAR websites.

A friend came to me who was starting to go into the real estate business and need a site. This site features a database to hold the featured property as well as an easy to use online update tool.

Workplace RX
The WorkplaceRX website was a grass roots project. The site has a small Flash splash screen and an easy to use navigation menu. All of the design and graphics were done from scratch.

Karen Lewis and Associates
Karen originally came to me and with a simple request. We need it fast! She had an existing site she did not like the look of any longer, so I put this site together in a about 2 days. We followed with a weeks worth of tweaking before it went live. The total time to publish was about 8 days.

ROF Inc.
ROF Inc. was an existing site in need of a face lift. The site that was in place had good content, but all was done in Flash causing some users to be unable to see it. Maintenance was also and issue and face lift thus they decided to redo the site in HTML. I took the existing content and made all new menu systems and gave the site a new look and feel.

Smart Office Advisors
The owner of this site came to me with a CD full of graphics and said "we need a web page". I added some grphics and modified others to come up with this site.

Office Furniture Central
The owner of OFCentral wanted a simple fast easy to use site. He came to me and asked for some help with ideas he already had and I was only to happy to help. The menu system is a javascript that I had used on other sites and the graphics are mostly his original graphics. I helped in designing his logo and color scheme.

Wade and Lauren Wedding Page
I did this site to help a friend out. He and his were getting married and had quite a few out of towners coming and not so many plans finalized when the invites were due to go out. The solution, put up a website that can be checked for updates!

Aker Kvaerner Engineering Department Intranet
  This site was done for Aker Kvaerner Houston's intranet. It features Flash animation on each page a database driven calendar system and online library checkout system. This site features a an existing heavily form driven database that the client wanted to be put on the web yet still maintain the same graphic look as the stand alone app. In the end the original database designer thought the real web form was dummy screen shot and was very please to find that her carefull form design had been maintained.

Texas Black Gold
The owner of this site came to me with some very specific needs. I need something that looks better than site xxx and site yyy and I need it yesterday. I was able to put the guts of the site together in about 2 days and then over the course of a month or so added sponsorship and drivers galleries. The graphics are all original. The banner graphics is actually part of a "Texas" with many layers added for effect.

World Wide Filtration
This site has a flash intro and very clean graphic look to it. The site has an Access database back-ending some of the data and uses Flash throughout. There is browser specific scripting and include files for menu systems.

Office Furniture Recyclers Clubhouse
Simple and smart, OFR Clubhouse is the industry's first intelligent and interactive open marketplace for office furniture and equipment. For the first time, there is a forum for nationwide peer to peer communication. No transaction fees, no interference, and no hassles. All you have to do is list your projects and the OFR Clubhouse will seamlessly deliver your information to broker/dealers across the Internet. See the flash intro here and the flash demo here.(Macromedia Flash req'd)
Technical Info: This site uses SQL7 for the data and runs using MTS components developed for www.i-sys.com in VB. The entire site is programed in ASP using Javascript and VBScript as well as several off the shelf components.(SAFileUP,ASPImage)
Chrysalis Biotechnology
Chrysalis BioTechnology, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative, cost-effective products to accelerate the healing of hard and soft tissue. The Company’s lead product, Chrysalin, is currently conducting Phase II human clinical trials for the treatment of chronic diabetic ulcers. Chrysalis is located in Galveston, Texas, about 45 minutes south of Houston.
The Chrysalis web site needed a facelift. The sitewas converted to a non-frames site and received a bit more graphic appeal. The site features a global header and footer system using ASP. Each page will also has small Flash designs on it to designate your location and a Javascript Rollover menu done in Fireworks.
University of Texas Health Science Center
This site runs within the UT-HSC intranet. The site allows workers in the HSC building to apply for "Hot Works" permits in order to do any type of work on the facility that would need a fire watch. The system captures the information in a database and displays a printable form that is to be posted at the job site and later signed returned to the facility post fire watch.
Technical Info: The site is done in ASP using an Access database to store the data. The system does automatic email notification and has an administration screen to review forms that have been submitted.
Interchange System, Inc.
All pages are generated by Active Server Pages polling a SQL database using COM objects developed in VB running on MTS. It features browser based file/picture uploading, full realtime record adding, editing and deleting. The company, Interchange System, stores databases of furniture assets online from around the country, allowing them to access the assets from anywhere there is a web browser. These items are not only maintained online but offered for sale.
Habitat for Humanity Houston
This site runs on the Habitat Houston intranet. It is a web application that allows Habitat to track and manage all outstanding loans and projects they have in house. It is an Active Server Page app running on an Access database. It can generate native Excel spreadsheet reports on the fly and features a full loan management and payment system.
GDS Engineers, Inc. - CadQC
This site features modified Fireworks generated menus. Using asp and Fireworks the script was modified to allow one central menu that appears on all pages but with the proper page in highlight. This allows us to modify the menu system globally across all pages. The system also features an Access database that tracks all software downloads.
IFMA Houston Chapter
This site was done for a non-profit organization. It features 100% custom graphics and java rollover menus. This site also features monthly updates and a full time newsletter both in print and online.

Behind the scenes: Members of IFMA Houston use a special area behind the site to manage and implement the articles that appear in their monthly newsletter. Articles are submitted, edited and published online. The article manager lets the user know when he has over run the amount of space he has been allotted and allows editors to make comments on the articles before they go to print. The Website Manager allows the admins of the site (password protected) to manage what articles appear on the front page, what polls are currently active, what polls are scheduled, and what items appear on the interactive calendar. The site is backended by 7 Access databases and uses a variety of components, javascript, and ASP to run the site.
GDS Engineers, Inc.
This site was done for my employer, GDS Engineers, Inc.. This site was designed in house by a team of 5 and implemented by myself and Ross Johnson.
GDS Engineers, Inc. - Projects
This site was also done for my employer. It includes multi-level security and Active Server Page generated pages. The site is intended for our clients to maintain close scrutiny on the status of their projects.
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