Sam Morton
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Web Application Developer / Project Manager
Offering 10 years of Web Programming experience

Well qualified Web Application Developer and Programmer. Over 6 years experience in programming n-tier web applications and 10 years programming general web applications and sites. A.S. degree in Computer Science. Areas of strength include:
  • Active Server Pages
  • .NET
  • Microsoft Transaction Server
  • SQL
  • Visual Studio(VB,ASP.NET etc.)
  • IIS
  • Visual Basic
  • Web Services(.NET)
  • Quickbooks XML

  • Work History

    Applications Developer / - Hewlett Packard
    June 2005 to Present Houston, TX

    I was contracted to create an application that will track the Country of Origin across every product carried by HP. Due to the Compaq merger and previous Compaq and HP acquisitions there was no single datasource for this data as a result the datasources are coming from Access, Excel, SAP, AS400, Oracle and plain flat text files. The program is being written in .NET and Access using linked tables to a SQL server. Access was chosen for the rapid form prototyping needed to meet the very short schedule.

    Web Applications Developer / CIO - Frogfire Technologies
    April 2004 to June 2005 Houston, TX

    I was originally contracted to create a web based track and trace application for Big Dog Logistics a 3rd party logistics company. After the creation of Shiptech I was hired full time to enhance and support the product. The application uses a wide range of technologies. It is written in ASP with a SQL backend. Later as development progressed VB.NET was used to create XML Web Services and ASP.NET for some UI. There is an interface to Quickbooks using QuickBooksXML which sits on Intuits SDK and .NET libraries. It also kept track of drivers using GPS enabled Nextel phones and allowed for Nextel enabled bar code scanning for package pickup and drop off. A second application was created as well for critical parts banking and warehouse management. The custom project was designed to allow the customer to add an order to the WMS system which would route the order to an appropriate warehouse. The warehouse would then pull and pack the item as the system kept track of everything necessary, stock level, time critical shipping etc. The system worked with several locations around the world. This was built in VB.NET for the XML based Web Services and ASP.NET for the UI. It used bar code scanning and Crystal Reports were used for invoicing, packing lists, language specific documentation, customs documents etc. The system used Web Services to communicate with various major shippers and ultimately with Shiptech for track and trace. Additional duties included general network architecture and maintenance, general programming including WSH/VBS scripting and some VBA programming in Excel, setting up and maintaining Server 2003, IIS, Exchange, SQL Server, DNS and many other network applications as needed.

    Programmer - GDS Engineers, Inc
    July 2001 to April 2004 Houston, TX

    Duties included many different programming assignments, primarily in AutoLISP. Design and implementation of an internal HTML/Java web front end for an electronic document management system name Omni-Source. Instructor for MicroStation. General hardware and software installation. Modified existing MDL code to allow DM2(Intergraph Document Management) and CadSpace(Bayer Chemicals Document Management) to be accessed simultaneously.

    Web Applications Developer / CIO - B2Ciq
    May 99 to Present Houston, TX

    This company was originally called Interchange System, Inc., my primary task was to create a system for cataloging large inventories of used furniture to be marketed via the internet. Using ASP and a SQL backend I created the Interchange System software. The software was then rewritten to allow multiple users and to allow some sharing of inventories between users. Again this was written in ASP. The software went through another rewrite this time geared to a community of free exchange amongst themselves. For this task I was the project manager of team of programmers. We wrote the app using an n-tier method in VB6(Visual Studio) compiled to a COM object package and running on Microsoft Transaction Server(MTS). It had a SQL server backend and was written in ASP with VBScript as the primary scripting language. Other duties included set up and maintenance of NT/Win98SE/2000 network and including IIS Server, Exchange Server, NT4.0, Win98SE, Win2000, SQL Server 7 and many other applications.

    Web Applications Developer - Self Employed
    Jan 90 to Present Baytown, TX

    Since 1990 I have developed numerous applications, web applications and other programs. I have developed over 30 websites written in a wide array of languages, pure HTML, ASP, XML, VB,.NET PHP, CGI, and Perl. Some of the applications have been written in VB5, VB6 and VB.NET. I have written applications in VBA in Access, Excel and Autocad.

    Programmer - GDS Engineers, Inc
    May 96 to May 99 Houston, TX

    Duties included many different programming assignments, primarily in AutoLISP and VBA for AutoCad. One project took client data from an Access database and using VBA in Autocad looked up data as it was clicked on in a drawing. This would in turn throw a dialog box up that allow the user to pick the appropriate action based on the data clicked on, and write that information from the DB back into the drawing. This took an 8 hour per drawing task down to less than 1 hour per drawing. I also designed and implementation of an internal HTML/Java web front end for an electronic document management system named Omni-Source. This was written in ASP and had a SQL backend.

    Programmer/Consultant - TRS - Fluor Daniels
    June 96 - June 98 Houston, TX

    Duties include writing Clipper based programs to transfer data to and from Omni-Flow, allowing for dynamic updating external from the CADD package.

    Cad Systems Designer - John Brown E & C
    Nov. 91 to May 96 Houston, TX

    Duties included many cad programming assignments. Worked in John Brown's London office on an intelligent P&ID system and a companion 3D (PDMS) program to compare 3D models to P&ID's. Set up John Brown Houston's web page and web server software(Apache). Training instructor in MicroStation v5.0. Cad drafting assignments in many disciplines.(Flowsheets, Loops, G.A.s, Pipe Racks etc...) Helped implement an electronic document management system, Documentum.

    Computer Operator - M.W. Kellogg
    June 90 to Nov. 91 Houston, TX

    Duties included some system maintenance on a VMS user database. Assistance in allocation and configuration of InterPro 2000 Intergraph machines and installation of MicroStation.(ver 3.3) Limited help desk support for cad systems. (MicroStation 3.3)

    Plot room Operator - John Brown E & C
    Mar.89 to June 90 Houston, TX

    Duties included maintenance and upkeep of Electrostatic Plotters. Basic training in AutoCad rel 9 and Intergraph MicroStation ver 3.0.D. limited work on Apollo Domain 3000 and Novell systems.

    Key Operator - Mathematical Research Inc.
    Apr.88 to Mar.89 Clear Lake City, Tx

    Duties included maintenance upkeep and to diagnose problems on various IBM printers. Also, including maintenance upkeep on a System Reference Library and various programming assignments in REXX.


    A.S. Computer Science
    Lee College Baytown Tx. - 1988


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