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obĚsessionĚal adj.
obĚsessionĚalĚly adv.

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Halloween - Air Props


Let me start by saying when playing with pressurized air you take precautions, it is very dangerous. That being said in 2001 I got an air compressor, htis opened a whole new world or animated props to my halloween arsenal. Quite a few people use storm door closers as pistons. You can modify them to accept air quire easily. I chose to go even lower tech than that! Using pvc pipes of different sizes and a couple of caps you can make a piston pretty easily.

The prop that is pictured was based on a design from Terror Syndicate called the Bush Jumper. I used a 5 gallon buck for a base and a 5 foot piston. The face is a $5 mask from Wal Mart and the throw is limited by a bungee cord. As an added saftey feature I include a regulator at each air prop, this prop runs on about 35 psi. See my controller page for more details. The mechanism when activated will extend about 4 feet giving the closest person quite a scare!
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