obĚsesĚsion n. 1. Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. 2. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion.

obĚsessionĚal adj.
obĚsessionĚalĚly adv.

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Halloween - Tombstones

Tombstones In 1999 I made 7 tombstones. I glued two 3/4" pieces of blue Styrofoam together and started carving. Once you get the basic shape of the tombstone cut you can use a dremel tool or wood burner to etch out the epitaphs. I found that painting the Styrofoam with spray paint will eat the styro. So you must use laytex paint.

In 2000 I made a few more and then in 2001 I decided I needed to make some tombstones that were more realistic. To do this I glued 3 sheets of styro together. I got my designs from Nightmare Before Christmas and my epitaphs from the internet. After gluing I started making the basic shape with a device called a wonder cutter, which is essentially a wire that gets super heated and melts right through the styro. After the basic shaping I used a sanding sponge to smooth the stone down. I bought a router attachment for my dremel this year and after printing the epitaphs on my computer I would spray glue them to the stone. Dremel away! I would suggest good ventilation during this. After the epitaphs were cut in, a little more distressing with the sanding sponge and paint! Pictured are the four "new and improved" stones, I hope to remake all of my tombstones in this new manner.
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