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Sam is doing what!

    Wednesday, October 29, 2003  

    ragey :: posted 4:39:43 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Another day and another no show for my contractors... it's not as if I do not have enough stress in my life already but please. How do I make such bad choices... now I have to deal with them impacting the Halloween display I have being set up. Excuses excuse abound too... it's all looking quite bad at this point.

    Y'all know I dig Star Wars in a big way... hell I started collecting light sabers a couple of years ago. I ran across this video today that was done by two guys with a camcorder and a little free time. The coreography is awesome... this would have blown people away just a few years ago... amazing.

    Very nice way to look at the END OF THE WORLD! ROTFLMAO

    There are some very cool images of the solar flare that is as big as the earth that is hitting us today here.

    You've all heard the theory that a butterfly flapping his wings could cause an earthquake halfway around the world. Well this guy shows you how the events would unfold for just a thing to happen.

    Wow Chris Pontius was naked and drunk... who woulda guessed that!

    You know eventualy they will have Punk'd to Hot for TV or something like that ... Some people not finding being Punk'd funny.

    **PRON ALERT** Tiffany Amber Thiessen looking way to raunchy for herself!

    Bite my shiny metal ass!

    BLUETOOTH!!! More and more BT stuff is showing up like this cool item!

    finally I leave you with uncommon creatures ... enjoy!


    Tuesday, October 28, 2003  

    smiley :: posted 5:20:14 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Another day gone tick tock tick tock... I'd dying here... I can't wait for Friday... no wait it's coming to fast, I can't wait!

    This is a pic of California on fire! --->

    For a really hires pic click here! WOW!

    For all you stick in the mud Halloween is eveil types... read this! ... who am I kidding they wouldn't reading here anyway!

    Up yours! RIAA!!!!

    This is a freakin hillarious ebay auction... just read it.

    I know this site is impossible to read due to the language but it's basicaly Screenshots of toilets in videogames, just in case you needed that source.

    Monday, October 27, 2003  

    confused :: posted 5:41:59 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Ok really quickly ... the guys started on the house today! I am excited! Right now there is a huge hole and I'm exposed to a whole bunch of money but it's all good for now. We'll see tomorrow.

    D and K came by yesterday and helped me with some Halloween stuff. I have built out the garage at this point to the point that it is very close to being ship shape. I need to dress it out, light it, sound it and make a couple of quick repairs. I also got out and tested some of last years props. other than a busted cylinder mount, everything looks like it's working primo! Coffin will get dressed tonight and after that it's nothing but setup.

    If you have ever thought of coming to one of my haunts, this will be the year. H is on a friday night making it a good TOT night. Next year it will be Sunday and then midweek for a couple of years. Due to the stress of putting this on I think after this year I'm going to scale way back. I think this will probably be the pinnacle of the haunts for some time. I know that when it's midweek I'll not do anything major, and next year is a toss up. This year is it! So come on out!

    Fox is sueing itself???!!? Over a Simpson's episode that makes fun of FoxNews... WTF???

    Would you like to be able to change that traffic light from Red to green with the push of a button... sound to good to be true? read that!

    Wanna sneek a peek Longhorn... some screenshots are here... it is still 2 years out though.

    URBS : Sounds like something from Art Bell... weird?!


    smiley :: posted 2:48:01 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    For Halloween ... more later.

    Saturday, October 25, 2003  

    frowny :: posted 1:39:53 AM :: comments(1) ::permalink

    It started out as a great night! My friend G and his daughter went with Dade and I to Frightfest. Dade was great, he wanted to go into every Haunted House. I got lots of ideas. We met Angie there but she left after a while, we stayed to 11, someone even gave Dade a giant iguana animal thingy. It WAS a great night.

    The funny thing is G and I always see things, maybe it's a wreck or someone driving their car into the ditch or who knows what but we do see stuff... we made it all the way to Baytown, we were one block from the turn off the highway. We were the only car on the road, right at the light in the center turn lane, a body that had obviously been run over. It was pretty mangled, so much so that there was no way he was alive. We quickly pulled off the road and jumped out. G called 911.

    The strange thing is our friend D is a BPD officer and G had been trying to call him just before this knowing he was on duty, he did not answer, but he was the first one on the scene. The look on his face when saw G, terror. During the time between the call and the time the police and fire and rescue showed up more than a few people showed up and a bunch came out of the bar that was right there. Also a young couple came walking up... they were walking from a truck that had stopped 100 yards down the road, I noticed it when we first stopped and I thought maybe they had passed and seen the guy in the road and were coming back to see. It didn't take long to realize that they were the ones who had hit him. When the paramedics arrived they did not even work on the guy.

    It's odd but when G and I are out we see things believe it or not this NOT the first time we've been the first to drive up on a dead body. G said he was thinking about that just 2 minutes before this. I hope this doesn't haunt my thoughts. I am going to try and sleep now. Sam

    comments(1) : + add +
    .:: GregOr
           Nice story! Thanks for sharing!

    Thursday, October 23, 2003  

    smiley :: posted 4:30:21 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Frustration is the word of the day! ... I broke our web server with a coding mistake... rebooted it and inadvertantly turned on SMTP which then kicked out a flurry of about 60,000 emails which really flattened the server. GAWD!

    First was old video game ads now X-Rated Movie ads from the 60s and 70s

    You've all heard that "it" is good for your skin... BS! Viceland proves it's not! ewww

    Click here to see a picture of everything. This took some time is my guess... wow!

    My TECHNOLUST grows by the day... how about a 5MPixel camera that is smaller than a pack of cards! it is true! Sony did it!

    BTW the Cubs are up 2-1 in the ... ummm errr series...

    Wednesday, October 22, 2003  

    sleepy :: posted 5:16:25 PM :: comments(2) ::permalink

    Not many of you making it over to the MoBlog yet...s'ok I haven't got it looking good yet anyway. I don't have the capacity right now.

    The Pill

    In a true X-Files like mantra "the Truth is Out There!"... The Sci-Fi channel is looking to get some documents that NASA has been hiding... and they are willing to sue NASA to get them... v.interesting.

    There are gobs and gobs of game commercials here. Some are old!

    Whoa! how about a 10' high video screen portal thingy this thing is possibly going to come out in England soon. It looks mega cool!

    The word Nanotube may become a common word very soon! this article should give you a good primer so you don't sound like a nimrod the when the subject comes up.

    I love the blue ice with bubbles on this site ... beautiful work here!

    Remeber Rustboy? Well now there is a book about the whole Rustboy phenom!

    I've had enough...sam

    comments(2) : + add +
    .:: Dad
           How do you get there? MoBlog?
    .:: Sam
           Just click the SaMoBlog picture in the upper lieft corner.

    Tuesday, October 21, 2003  

    upsidedown :: posted 5:25:25 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    SaMoBlog is online... it's an uuuugly cuss right now but give me time... also TechTV did a damn show on it so the site is crapping out right now from the flood but it will get better or it will get gone. If I can figure out how to roll my own I will!

    Anyone Looking for a last minute Halloween costume idea? Someone on my Halloween-L came up with this one...

    In all the Halloween etc stress outs I've been having I forgot all about the Matrix Revolutions Movie about to start... this article at Wired talks about some of the movie but the coolest thing in there was the reference to the Matrix Online! Yes an online massive mulitiplayer Matrix! V.Cool! Potential!

    Yet another way the music industry is screwing us! Change that music son! - aholes!

    Ever wonder why you have to type that squiggly looking word on some websites? This is why...

    The days of Star Wars and Flash Gordon laser weapons are rapidly approaching ... The US is close to developing a a real laser weapon.

    Sony's new P900 is out and it's bad ass! Of course I just got a new phone... not that I would give up my current phone... this sucker is going to be expensive.

    Leaving you with some Eye Candy... Sweet ASS 3D on this site!WOW!

    MoBlog = Mobile Blog - as in I do it entirely from my mobile phone... pictures too!

    Monday, October 20, 2003  

    angelic :: posted 5:00:18 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Bang Bang... Kill Bill was freakin' awesome... if you liked Pulp Fiction and can stand copious and I do mean copious amounts of blood, go check out this movie... apperently there is a pheonomenon going around of people walking out of the movie... it's got to much blood for some people to take... wild ! Bang Bang!

    COMING SOON... SamuMoBlog... tick tock tick tock...

    The RIAA is At it again!

    Hmmm Neat stuff here ...

    Talk about having nine lives this parachutist's chute did't open... but he got snagged on a crane on the way down and did not die!! espn flickball!

    Hvae another... Indy v. Death Star! ... FYI first time on DVD the Indy trilogy tomorrow! The first part of my all time DVD wishlist is coming to fruition!

    Friday, October 17, 2003  

    magical :: posted 9:01:39 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Finally quality blogging time! STRESS is my middle name RIGHT NOW... I am in the middle of getting a loan for for some remodling work on my house, my truck is still not fixed and being a PITA! Halloween is screaming down the pipe and I'm getting nothing done. My hosting company for one of my servers has given us 2 weeks notice that they are no longer in the hosting business. etc. etc. etc...

    Now ...I'll quit being a winey ass! Halloween is in 2 WEEKs!!! YEA!!!!!! ready or not I've got it covered and with more stuff new this year to boot!!!
    ... now how about some links!

    Well I've always thought Apple was waaaay ahead of the curve on style and sometimes on content... iPod awesome, Apple probably way the reason flat panels are everywhere these days, they pioneered home DVD burning. One of the few envies of PC users around the world was there iTunes software and the built in Music Store... well Hell has frozen over! iTunes for the PC!

    speaking of that Apple and Pepsi are going to give away "100,000,000 songs!" details here

    I grew up with video games, I can remember how COOL Pong was and then Atari! Oh man!!! What do you think todays kids would say about games of old... this article asked just that question, the results were entertaining!

    uhhh ok ... tampon angel

    Using lasers to scan Stonhenge turned up some neato findings! stonghenge alight!

    For those out there with penchant for 3D modeling ,a href="">Maya is now free! ... this is the next powerhouse in the 3d world... this move will cement them into place, you can count on that! ...hmmm I wonder if they are publicly traded?


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