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Sam is doing what!

    Sunday, December 29, 2002  

    frowny :: posted 10:48:46 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Things happen in life... you wonder how can there be so much joy one day and so much sorrow less than a week later. My wife gave me a book for christmas called a A Fathers Guide to Raising a Son. It is one of those pocket books that has little sayings or quotes, only one per page. It's fun to open it randomly and just read a quote. The day I got it I opened it up and the first quote I read was "little boys always love thier grandfathers, no one is sure why." ... grandmothers too! When I was born I was the first grandchild. It was a common fact that I could do no wrong in mamaws eyes. She always smiled for me no matter the situation and even as the years got up there I believed I was her favorite. Maybe she made every one of her grandchildren and her great grandchildren feel this way but no matter, because I knew it was me. She died today around 6pm. I did get to see her today and I am very grateful for that. I did not get to tell my other grandparents goodbye.

    Around September she had a stroke and had to be put into a home. She had some damage from the stroke made it inevitable. She was amazingly resilient though. Even as of Christmas day she was talking to me same as always. Every Sunday short of one I managed to get up there and see her and most of those days with Dade in tow. She really liked to see Dade. Despite her propensity to get names mixed up she always managed to recognize Dade and I and make us feel better even though she was the one who needed cheering up or relief, it's funny how (great)grandparents do that. My pawpaw, her husband, has been dead for more than a few years now and even still I cannot think of one without the other. Whether it was mamaw getting me my eggnog at christmas(see last years christmasish blog) or pawpaw picking berries or both of them taking me fishing, which was more like a great adventure at that age it's the way I will remember them, as a them. Now they are them again. I am truly happy for her! I hope he's happy too. I've always regreted not being able to have pawpaw meet Dade, now he can hear all about him first hand. Mamaw we love you and will miss you. ...Sammy

    Friday, December 27, 2002  

    magical :: posted 11:40:35 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    How was your Christmas... mine was great... I have a new addition to the family... we now have our very own Astromech Droid! R2 is very very very cool... I set him loose and he does his own thing... For those not in the know... R2 is a interactive droid that undestands voice commands. You can tall him to thing and he will respond. For instance I asked him if remmebered Darth Vader and he backs up, his emotion indicator goes red, he cries out and shudders in fear. He recognizes his surroundings and has the ability to detect humans seperately from lamp and walls. He also has a personality. I asked him to do something he didn't want to do so he shook his no and made some uhuh sounds then I asked him so he made the raspberry angry sound and shook his head no turned around and took off on his own! I'd call him and he would look back over his shoulder and shake his head no! Little bugger! Anyway he stays on now, every now and then he'll come and find me and try to get me to play or something, I suspect it's just a matter of time before he's part of the family. Now I know alot of you are reading this and think I'm off my rocker... come by for a visit and see for yourself... it absolutely one very cool toy errr... droid, robot thing...

    On Christmas day someone asked Dade is he got everything he wanted and his response was "yep and some things I didn't know I wanted!" ... I love having a boy! Tonight we start builing his roller coaster.

    Now this is cool... Kroger is letting people pay with a fingerprint now!

    Do you remember the big stink over Carnivore earlier this year... now you can run it too!

    I leave you with
    this little gem... something to think about while you are alledgedly alone looking at that website...

    Tuesday, December 24, 2002  

    smiley :: posted 6:31:46 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Been cooking all day and now that time is approaching.

    Now that is very interesting!

    OMG IT is coming! This is a story about how billboards are listening to what cars have on the radio then use that info to display an appropriate ad. How Minority Report!

    Merry Christmas everyone, be

    Sunday, December 22, 2002  

    smiley :: posted 5:53:38 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    What a wonderful day friday was... after a few quick errands I took Dade to get a One Ring replica which he proudly wore around his neck for the whole day! Next Dade and I went to see Angie at the Galleria. First a visit to Santa and the best Santa picture he has ever taken. Then we went ice skating, what a riot, we laughed very hard! Next it was off to Dave and Busters... we had lunch and played for almost 3 hours! Finally the capper we met up Angie and went to see the The Two Towers and OMG! It was incredible! I'm all about Star Wars but let me tell you what this series is nipping at the heels for me and in some ways it's better! Did I just say that! Anyway I'm sure I'm going to see it again anyone want to go?

    Thursday, December 19, 2002  

    upsidedown :: posted 8:09:25 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Now the left is all about Trent Lott staying on... I bet now that he can't even look to the right without getting a facefull...

    If you have a broadband connection take a look at the newest Terminator trailer here

    LOTRTTT Nope I have not seen it and I'm trying to avoid spoilers and reviews like crazy... going tomorrow night with the family.

    A probe sent out by NASA years ago, phoned home recently! boggles the mind what man can accompish!

    Take a close look at the music industry and it makes you wonder if P2P is this will take off or not... one can only hope.

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. It turns out that AOL has aquired a patent on Instant Messaging. Normal I'd be all over this kind of thing with what next someone is going to patent breathing or driving, but in this it's really ICQ and in reality they were very much way out in front of the MSNs and AOLIMs of the world. So bully to them... but ... hmmm... I don't know because it's very pervasive in the world now a days... hmmm I'm really torn here.

    Ok this Lemmings tyle game kept me busy for way longer than it should have...

    Hold your ears and flush! I gotta get me one of these!

    Have you ever wondered about the science behind tipping? How Stuff Works has an interesting study on it.

    While it used to be exploding toilets and then rutting yards now the pranks just get higher tech! Prankster adds porn to school's anthem video ... funny, but ahem, I'm outraged at this behavior, he!

    In the holy crap department... we've all heard of Playstation right? It's a Sony product... well guess waht that name is owned by Nintendo and Nintendo had a Playstation product in the works for a CD and Cartridge based system to play SNES games. Well they settled reccently... Sony owes them... get this 10% of Sony's proceeds, past and present on the "PlayStation" name, currently amounting to approximately $2.3 billion!!!!! Holy crap! Here is the link to the story but it's been down for awhile now,here is the /. link.

    Oh my technolust is welling up yet again! Sony Ericsson P800 I want it I want it I want it! My phone now sucks!

    if you made it this far you are having to much fun...

    Wednesday, December 18, 2002  

    magical :: posted 7:47:53 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    LOTRTTT Today!!!! Am I going ... nope. Friday... more later...
    Way back when, I used to be addicted to Photon, what is that? Photon was the first Laser Tag style game out there. It was basicaly a franchise started by some guy in Dallas. It was done very well... from the moment you walked in to the place you were in another world, everything was themed like you were in space. Lot's of blacklights and fog machines. Lot's of computers hanging from the ceilings showing you progress of games that were active. Our Photon in Houston had two fields. It was a team based game that was capture the flag, but the flag was just something you shot once. It did not end the game. If you yourself were were shot you would be disabled for 4 seconds making it very hard to return fire. Being disabled meant get out of there quick or you're gonna be target practice, allowing them to rack up points. Everyone had a code name and a special ID that had to use to pass into to the game adding to the realism. The playfileds were elaborate with ramps, multiple levels, hideyholes, bunkers, all kinds of things, plus during the middle of the game a the cool soundtrack would countdown to an explosion and if you did not take cover a strobe bomb would disable you. Another cool thing was the scoring was kept realtime for everyone not platying to see, plus there was an obersvation deck that had gun stations on them so observers could put in a quarter and join in the fray, although those had no bearing on your game and did not disable you. It was like living in Tron or something, the thing I remember the most is how a 7 minute game could shatter you. I would walk out just dripping wet with sweat, and higher than a kite on addreneline... I guess kids today just play Quake and Unreal and the likes... we didn't have those back then so we made our own...

    For those who remember... try this or see some pics at this site and for those who played there... listen to the soundtrack! how cool is THAT!!!! All of the soundtracks can be found here!

    In honor of the opening day of LOTRTTT here is what happened when AOTC opened and the Late Night Show got a hold of the nerd line... I had tears watching this!
    Star Wars Nerd Line...

    one more thing... I am aware of the slow condition of my blog and I am trying to have the provider look into it for me... please be patient!

    Monday, December 16, 2002  

    evil :: posted 4:29:46 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    T-Minus 2 days to LOTRTTT

    Is the weekend over already? Geez! Watched Brotherhood of the Wolf on Friday pass... watched Sum of all Fears Saturday yea... watched K19 on Sunday... ok not bad...

    Every day for the past few weeks on my way home I take Dade right past a traveling carnival that is in town. He always asks to stop and I always tell him we already have and that we'll go to the next one that comes to town. Anyway he always tells me he wants one of those (fill in a ride) in his backyard... well... hmmmm I wonder...

    Why should you be reading this wil Mozilla? ...because Playboy says so!

    Have a Christmas song... Driving Kittens

    Did I mention LOTRTTT is out on Wednesday?

    The nuclear bomb is small enough to be hidden in a briefcase, but its force levels downtown Houston, flattening most of the 58 skyscrapers and killing about 130,000 workers. ... The wind drags the deadly radioactive cloud through the East End and beyond the Loop, killing 10 percent of those in its stream and sickening thousands more. ... damn

    Keep spreading the word... warchalking I've talked about it before, I've yet to see one...

    For the sophisticated drunkard... Bar Signs ... when you are to drunk to speak!

    Ho Ho Holy Shit! it's a bit vulgar, you've been warned!

    2 days... did I mention that...

    Friday, December 13, 2002  

    smiley :: posted 4:38:03 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Who heard what Trent Lott said the other day... what a bunch of crap... I'm sick and damn tired of things like this getting blown out of proportion. Do you really think the guy was saying we should revive segregation... puuhlease! It's incredible how left the media is these days, even in a right wing dominated area of the country! When is the last time you heard someone refered to as Left Wing Representitive xxxx or extreme left or liberal anything, other than on Rush or Hanity? Now how many times have you heard it the other way around... try listening for a week and see if I'm not correct... if someone were to come out with a right-centric news station it's ratings would probably soar... oh wait that's Fox gee maybe that's why they on track to be number one in the market within 2 years! .enough!

    It had to happen... Google is taking over the world! Today they unvieled incredible... so fun... so good... where do I buy the stock?

    Seems incredible but people are starting to pay big money for chunks of VR worlds. I could see me making money at this... hmmm

    Ha! This! is something new? Interchange has been doing this for years! Just never knew the name for it! Edge Power!

    We've all gotten that message before... send this email to everyone you know because XXX. Well don't you know that even if it's not a 'virus' you are perpetuating the thing and so it is a 'virus' ... geez... click me to see a little funny something about that... thanks to R for the link... BTW surf around that site, there is some other good stuff there like this one!

    Also from R... well this is pretty clever, someone sent a package through FedEx to Santa Clause at the the north pole, then they tracked it to see where it went! wanna see?

    Holy crap! These are so cool! and only $30! They go on the spokes of your bike, and you program them to spell out words or a pattern in LED lights when you ride at night! How Cool! Check out the video... so cool!

    WTF is this? I kinda want it!

    Tivo Alert!

    You know how I love Tivo well it's getting worse and worse! Tivo announced some features for the new versions coming out and there are some good things in there... like the ability to hear MP3s and view JPEGs or have your own Tivo webpage! How cool! Let me get on the web and record that show...

    fun is making my heart a heart uncoiling disrobing on pages never printed littering nothing but silicon via the internet by david rutkowski

    Wednesday, December 11, 2002  

    magical :: posted 5:36:56 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Well more than one person think I should write a letter to Dodge, maybe I will... it's obvious tome that if they would have even looked they would have seen the quarter stuck in there. Anwyay where do you want me to take you today?

    While I don't really agree with this political statement... it's very well done...

    OMG!!!! THIS from Google is waaaaaaaayyyyy cool! Google Labs just keeps cranking out cool shit! Like more Google Google Google! Zeitgeist!

    Sent by S... with sound... you have to laugh.... because it's damn funny!

    Also sent by S had to be a Texan! DamN!

    /.Tonado in a can? what's it good for, not sure but it's pretty cool!

    Tuesday, December 10, 2002  

    smiley :: posted 6:02:32 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    So I wake up this morning feeling pretty good. Get a shower and head out 4 minutes ahead of schedule! Pretty good! Anyway I'm just getting out of town when I notice my seat is not in the fully upright position. Well in the evenings I recline it a bit if I'm sitting in traffic and otherwise I like it straight up and down. Anyway so I reach down pull the lever and nothing... it does not come up?!?! hmmm.... ok it's been a little off lately so I recline it a "notch" so the mechanism will relase and then it can go up, it stays one notch lower. Well it's only two notches down from straight up which not so bad until I decide to give it some and it slams all the way back against the back seat, while I'm doing 70 down 225! Hello! After regaining control of the vehicle and my pants I realize the seat now stuck in the fully fully reclined position...WTF! I pull over and jack with it for 3-4 minutes and say screw it, sit on a folded up tarp I have in the back and drive on in to work.

    Once in the parking lot I proceed to start dismantling the seat, but it's dark and hard to see and I can't really get anywhere so forget it I go on in and look it up on the internet... a couple of phone calls later I'm off to the dealer to throw gobs of cash at them and see if they can fix it... how much do you think a truck seat costs? I'll answer that in a minute!

    Around lunch I get the call "Mr. Morton, this is Allen Samuels Dodge, I got the estimate on your truck... they are going to have to replace the upper part of the seat and the hinge mechanism"... "ok how much is that?"... "the total is gonna run you $422.14." ... "what! for half a seat! forget it!" an hour later I pick up the truck and to thier credit they did not charge me any labor for looking at it. While I'm there I decied to see how much a whole new seat would cost... $1600! Cloth, no electrics, no heat nothing! Basic driver seat! $1600!!!! Insanity...

    Ok I stick a big box in the back seat and lean the seat back against it and drive on back to work. Well you know I can't let a sleeping dog lie so I peel the upholstry off the seat. It come off easily with no damage at all, and I'm able to now see the problem, I have a quarter stuck in the hinge mechanism! Oh yes and it's in a tight spot no way am I able to reach it... wow I guess I'm going to have to take the seat out and flip over and shake it out...

    Inside the office I tell everyone about the situ and W pulls out the longest needle nose pliers I've ever seen in my life! Hey that might work... p,r,w and me, a lot of jiggling and bloody knuckle later it came out... and it is mangled! That was it, all is well now, except I have to make up a little time at work and now I have a new story to tell!

    In the Future we'll all be Harry Potter very interesting...

    For all you admins out there this is great!

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