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Sam is doing what!

    Wednesday, September 29, 2004  

    smiley :: posted 1:34:45 PM :: comments(3) ::permalink

    No time lately but... I found this gut wrenchingly funny. It's about sex and other stuff so you've been warned!

    comments(3) : + add +
    .:: Justin
           could not stop laughing . . good stuff
    .:: Kim
           This is a funny website
    .:: angie
  was funny when you told it to me, but even funnier in written form!

    Tuesday, September 21, 2004  

    angelic :: posted 7:40:20 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    It's finally HERE!!!!!

    There are changes in the new DVDs See! Some for the better some not! :( why couldn't he leave it alone! Top 5 changes...Please put the Greedo shoots first scene back the way it was!

    Monday, September 20, 2004  

    smiley :: posted 4:41:19 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    You know what we did this weekend... we cashed in the coupons we've saved from Dave and Buster's... when Angie I dated we saved for something big... we saved about 10,000 coupons up ... well Dade and I get our hair cut once a month and it's right down from D&B so I started saving coupons and over the last 2 years we've saved up 25,000 more! Saturday we cashed in for an X-Box! See the moblog! I've been in Halo heaven since then... now to send that sucker off for a quick mod, a little evox and bamo schweetness!!!!

    BTW Star Wars comes out tomorrow on DVD!!!!!!!

    From my friend L some of these people are high! I see girls on there that are 10 beer girls that ought to be a sober!

    anyone looking for a geeky gift for me or any of my l33t brethren out there... this 10 disc Matrix DVD set will do! drool!

    gotta run...

    smiley :: posted 4:38:52 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Ok I do not usually do this but it's free and maybe it will work... who knows.

    Click this link and sign up for one of the free services. It's all free anyway... if 5 of you do it for me I get a free iPod and if you get 5 people you get a free iPod... simple enough?!

    Thursday, September 16, 2004  

    ragey :: posted 8:13:28 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Sometimes life throws you fastballs... Lately 105mph at my head... I know woe is me... whatever I'm not in the mood for it... BTW this past weekend was pretty good, work on the house continues by me! and we went out and got sloshed Saturday night. The company rented a stretch Ford Excursion... it was pretty cool... drank a bunch of Hpnotiq and champagne all night... went to El Patio first then M Bar on Main ... it was 'eh... so we walked over to Treasures ! good night! ended before it started it seemed... anyway back to work on the house... ack.

    links to crazy shit come now...
    First up is a Name That Game ... I got 16 of 18 I am uber::geek! warning some of the sounds are from the Atari 2600 and not the arcade versions! cheaters! I missed number one because of this!

    In the spirit of comes funny stuff ... so many boy racer fast and furious wannabes!

    Ok we've all Googled bu there are other search engines out there... one that was popular for awhile was Ask Jeeves it is cool because you can ask in the form of a question... like "why is the sky blue?" ... well I found a better version... have fun! Aks Jeeves ... go on aks him anything!

    NSFW :: Ladies if you don't want videos of you showing up on the internet, don't make them to begin with! You could end up with an ex-girlfriend video out there... no not mine jackwads! brownsuck want more... Now that's fucked you have to register to see the pics but oh my! like this! holy crap! WTF is that! OMG!

    Ok Baloon Hunter is mildly addictive.

    So you catch this big ass fish and when you are about to pull it into the boat a couple of bad ass sharks make your catch lunch!

    Who knew that my dad's old alarm clock looked so damn cool inside!

    Now that is some cool bling! Oakley Thump

    enough for now...Samu

    Wednesday, September 08, 2004  

    smiley :: posted 8:11:26 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Why is it you can't get good help?! I swear it's ridiculous. I decided it's been to long and that I needed to start on my remodel project again... well after half a dozen estimates I finally find a guy I like. Seems trustworthy, nice, good prices and so on, plus he'd done a small job for me before and he did great! First things first... he tells me up front he's on a big job and was a week or two from finishing. No problem I can wait for a bit let me know... well 2nd week goes by and we get in contact and he tells me ok I'll start on Saturday, ok no problem I'll have the materials delivered on Friday night. I call in the order several days early... needless to say that is another post but the material get's there Saturday morning and my guy shows up with help loads the material in the house, but tells me he needs another day or so. Well by now I realize another day means 2 or 3 so we say Wednesday... "book it for sure I'll be there 9am Wednesday morning!" 9am Wednesday... I get my mom to go and open the house for him... ummm 9am he's not there 9:10am I get a call on my cell phone "I'm running a little late..." I say "how late" he says "20-30 minutes" ok... I say "my mom's there already she'll be waiting, no big deal." ... called my mom to let her know and went back to work... the day rolls on and about 11:30 I decided to check on the progress... "hey mom how's it going over there?", "no sign yet", me... "WTF! he's not there?!", "nope have heard a word...", "I'll call you right back let me find out what happened". I start calling his cell phone to no avail, no return calls and no answers... that was the last I've heard from the guy. I guess he's got no good excuse so he decided to just drop the job. Why is it so hard to find good help!!! damn it! Well this lit a fire under my ass... I got pissed off, busted out my drill and got after the plumbing job last Friday by the end of the weekend Angie and I had finshed the plumbing and and hung 2 layers of rock... now I have to learn how to float and tape and then I take that money I was going to pay that guy and by something else with it! Funny thing is I feel a sense of ownership in my project now, like I'm building it too and not just paying for an install.

    Found some interesting vids for you today... Human beatbox ... damn that was wild!

    Then there was a guy, a Chevette, a plastic tray from McDonalds and hand brake... Plastic Durability Test

    Ok remember when you were young and dumb and full of hormones... well I feel for all you out there with young teen girls right now... She realllllllly likes him! oh man technology and the art of the love/lust letter! WoW! BTW this is 13M so watch out slow modem users!

    Rally car crash bonanza! these guys know how to drive a car but when something goes wrong... it is usually spectacular! looks like a pretty cool little site... I love looking at that 3d stuff... I wish I had the time and gumption to try to do some of it...

    I just love the aBum site!!!! this guy got the crap scared out of him! OMG I died laughing at this!

    Flaming Hackey Sack! flaming or not these guys got skillz... I used to love hackey sack.

    You know those shirts that say "If you can read this, then the bitch fell off"... This guy should have had one on...

    GTA Lego City! and GTA Dave Chappelle Style HA! Funny if you've played the game...

    WOW! Body control!

    I leave you giant WTF was that!!!! Don't say I didn't warn you! probably NSFW

    WAR Ralphie May and John Heffron! Go 'stros... LATE!

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