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Sam is doing what!

    Friday, May 28, 2004  

    neutral :: posted 7:21:17 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Another Friday I find myself up at GDS... it's oddly comfortable here... well long weekend is upon us, unfortunatly I feel like I'm so behind on work that I need to do some over the weekend... big suck! I am going to see The Day After Tomorrow on Saturday night and I can't wait!!!

    You have a Ford F150 Pickup and the other guy has a Mini Cooper... who wins in a head on crash? MINI Cooper vs Ford F150 amazing!

    One Meeeeellion Love Songs... kinda cool...

    Geek out!!! uber_cool that it!

    It looks as though Sony is about to release it's version of the iPod killer... All of this on the news that Microsoft is about to release a series of $50 players that look and feel as good as the iPod when it launches it's new music service this summer... believe it when I see it!

    Finally!!!!! Jail time for a spammer!!!!

    This player looked bad ass... until I read the review! Yikes!

    Add this to the WTF department! crazy!

    Do you need a low priced high capacity CF card for your portable device? ReAd Me!

    Speaking of... are you so geeked out that you have to many different solid state mem cards? how 'bout a 12n1 reader! for $34! even! looks sweet!

    that all for now... I'll spew on the movie later...jedi.samu

    Tuesday, May 25, 2004  

    upsidedown :: posted 7:48:32 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Feeling a bit strange today... even a bit slippery :)

    Justin Fox's Work is to fine...

    PRON Sorta... Naked rollercoaster riding... in German :(

    PRON Again I stress sorta...This is somewhat disturbing! Someone has to much time on their hands is all I have to say!

    Now this is how you sell a Jacket on Ebay! Nice marketing!

    Hell it's all PRON today... More Paris video not quite as hardcore but there is nudity in the begining...

    "no your honor, I couldn't have been driving at the time, I was giving the driver a hummer!, that's why he veered off the road and crashed into that tree!" Nice defense! ... it worked!

    Finally I leave you with a bunch of scanned peni ... ... you can find anything on the internet!

    Sunday, May 23, 2004  

    smiley :: posted 7:45:54 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    What's life out there on the other side...
    Let's see T-Ball ended... work goes on... went to San Diego and it was so kick ass... the weather there is so awesome just incredible...

    Went to see Shrek 2 w/G,J,J,J and A along with Angie and Dade ... after haircuts we met at D&B ate and played and had a great time... then went to the flick and was might impressed... to cool... gotta look for all of the little stuff in hidden in there... to funny "I'm coming to join you Elizabeth!" and the whole Cops bit is a gut buster! click here to see the first 5 minutes of the movie...

    What do you readers think... should I make an RSS feed for this thing? Comment if you think so...

    I feel like some links that is why I'm here...

    These views from an abandoned island are very cool looking...

    This is a neat way to tell you how tired you are... of course you really already know that don't you?!?!

    There is a deal we programmers use frequently called recursion... this is a very freaky example of that!

    Dayum! MP3, Divx, CDr and Emulation... makes me want to buy a PS2... almost!

    WTF!!!! PS1 emulator is now available for you too cool!

    Oh man the Buffalo Chicken Pizza just got here and I gotta go... cya! Samu.lives!

    Monday, May 10, 2004  

    blah :: posted 4:50:29 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Well I have to post something... I had one of the most bittersweet weekends in recent history. Friday night we had closing ceremonies for Little League. Borrring... but the next morning we had a pizza party and trophies... great fun fun fun... later that day we were going to hit Kemah in between the lunch and dinner crowds. Anyway right before we were poised to go Angie's mom calls and she's out of gas on the freeway. We speed down there and rescue her but this throws our Kemah timing into arrears... well on the way back to Kemah I get an oil light on the truck... it happens the truck is old I know what to do... only this time it does not work. So as we limp and I mean limp stopping every mile or so down Nasa 1 I get pulled over by the cops... Expired inspection sticker... Jan of 03 oops second one in a month shame on me... $151 damn it... still limp in to Kemah and it crammed and jammed up tight... Prom and Mother's Day what a combo! We go to eta at Babins first 1.5 hour wait head over to Landrys... crowded crowded ... walk upstairs to Jimmie Walkers and bam instant seating!?!? WTF I guess people do not know about this place...

    After dinner we strolled and ended up at the stingray exhibit. Dade touched a stingray. It was quite good... then leaving the place... OMG it was backed up from 146 to the 2nd level of the parking garage! CRAP! and I got a sick truck just great! Anyway a slow slow ride home and we are almost there when pressure finally just gives in and goes to zero and won't come back up... My fmaily is in danger so I drove it on zero the last 2 miles or so... by the time I'm rolling in to the house it's tapping away hopefully I didn't do permanant damage... so next morning the dust ahas settled do an oil change still no pressure... f'it... call a wrecker. Now it's sitting at the shop waiting to be "looked at". Wonderfull...

    The sweet part of the bittersweet... Dade and Janet and I were on the trails yesterday late and at the creek Dade could see some freshwater crabs from the bridge... this was cool but you should have the elation on face and in his voice when I took down to the water's edge and we started hopping from rock to rock and collecting tadpoles... wonderfull when told be Daddy this is so much fun it did npt matter how bad all of the other crap was that weekend... fantastic.

    On another note Mother's day was pretty good, Angie liked her gift and Mom liked her's too... overall it was a pretty ok day... I had to rent a car and mow the grass and then the jackass at the pizza place gave me a hard ... you can't use that coupon, we only have large right now... we don't deliver individuals, finally ok the delivery time is 1 hour 45 minutes! WTF!!!! Ok I'll go get it now I want the individual... oh I'm sorry we are out of dough...BS! if someone else would make a freaking buffalo chicken pizza I'd tell Pizza Hut where to stick the hut!

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