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Sam is doing what!

    Wednesday, June 23, 2004  

    sick :: posted 2:03:44 PM :: comments(3) ::permalink

    Ok where to begin... it started off like any other day... about 8am I started feeling ill... then really ill... I had a fever that was obvious amongst other symptoms... I decided to bail and go home... on the way home I'm feeling a bit urpy so I pull over and hurl in the grass... nice... now I got that "stink" all in my mouth and nose... hey there is a Whataburger I'll whip in and get something to drink... I feel a little better maybe the DC will do me good... shit the line at the drive in is tooooo long I'll just hop out and get it... OK I'm in the store for maybe 3 minutes 5 tops! One person in line ahead of me ... I order and get my drink and then ... someone comes in through the door and says "someone is stealing a black Dodge truck!" OH SHIT! I run outside and there is my truck both doors wide ass open alarm wailing away... right away I can see pieces sticking out of the dash... they popped the door lock(s) then crow barred the dash appart and started trying to jack the stereo... face plate to stereo is gone and so is my new shoulder bag for work... crap! my PDA poof... plus some other unreplaceable items... crapola... it could have been worse. I could have been in it and shot dead!
    Anyway on to the insurance and so on still sick 102 fever when I get home finally just don't care sleep... next day still sick but feeling better fever is down to 100 and with Tylenol I break it down to 98! ok let's F with this car insurance thing... turns out State Farm is using some company called CCS so handle the car stereo business, well apparently they are tight as hell... they want to ship me a radio and have me install it!Furthermore they don't make my badd ass Alpine anymore so they want to give me the equivelant Jensen radio! WTF!!!!! are they high! I'm going round and round with them when I go my buddy's body shop in Baytown... anyway he knows the guy who wrote my insurance policy so a quick phone call later and screwwww CCS! Good riddance! What a cluster... by the time I get home I am feeling crappy again fever is back up to 100 and I'm starting to get the dizzy delerium feeling... let me tell you what watching the Matrix while feeling like this is freaking cool... I guess I'll blog later to let you know how it turns out...

    When it rains it pours... just this weekend Angie, Dade and I were out shopping and I found this lemon yellow dress shirt I wanted... problem was they didn't have my size... well the store, Express Men has a deal where if another store has it they will ship right to you... cool! The next day(sunday) my sister and me and others get in this nice long discussion about sensor tags and how to cut them off and how people steal with the tags on and stuff... zoom to yesterday, I get a package ... cool my shirt and guess what!!! still has the damn tag on it! and it's the kind that is hard to cut off... the very nice young lady at Palais Royal helped me take it off... geeze!

    Now I do not want anyone to think damn and feel sorry for me because you know the way I look at this ... I have big lows and big highs! all this BS is nothing more than another cool story in the 'ol gun belt!

    It looks like the 'stros are getting ready to make another! move! Thanks to big G for the link!

    Speaking of big G links... this link goes to a site the helps women pay for thier breast augmentation... they actually have battles here! Awesome...

    So have you heard of the X Prize? I've blogged it b4! in a nutshell $10 million for the first privately funded to fly to space and back 2 times in 2 weeks in the same ship. Anyway... The first flight has happened! And with much to do!!! but uh oh!!! turns out he got reeeeaaaalll lucky! holy crap! I bet they had to change the 'ol drawers b4 the press conference! Shit!

    You guys remember that magic eye crap that had you going cross eyed ?!? try this! HEHE!

    Damn just when I got a projector Sony has to come out with some cool new technology neato!

    enough... for now... :)

    comments(3) : + add +
    .:: angie
           But you failed to mention that your wife came home the next day with a new bag to replace the one that got stolen! she rocks!
    .:: Kim
           You go girl!!!! I knew that I had an awesome sis-in-law.
           Nice to see your site is being updated about once a month. GET TO WORK!

    Thursday, June 17, 2004  

    smiley :: posted 3:51:40 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Anyone watching Last Comic Standing?!? Awesome! BTW Nip Tuck starts next week so set your Tivos! Well I got no response ont the RSS thing and frankly I'm a bit busy right now so it will have to wait.

    Got some shweet stuff today... "Let's get it on!"

    OMG this has to be the finest PC I've ever seen! It so Matrix-esqe!
    ... can I have a tissue please...

    On the same site... 1000's of blogs fall silent ... this is why I rolled my own. That's this blog you are read is all home brewed code. It's made by muah! so if it's f'ed ... my fault! I do use the MoBlog @ text America though... just do not have the money for the technology I would need to make that work...

    Remember I was talking about MobyDock in a previous blog entry... ack! I tried it and it ate my machine so buyer beware. Try ObjectDock instead, but... my HOSS of a machine could not handle it so... check it...

    You know my POS truck is about to eclipse the benefit of actually owning the vehicle... so I've been preparing for what I'd get... what do you think...
    Scion tc $16KInfinity G35 Coupe $33K

    ...the thing is if I got the Scion I could throw a few bucks at customizing the crap out of... Navigator stereo system and lots cool bling... only in a geeked out way of course... but the G35 sure is sweet looking... tough choice... I am planning on keeping the truck until it melts down though so maybe I won't have to decide for awhile...

    Psyop is niiiiiiiiice... great interface!

    Waht do you get if take a regular baseball and start painting? Apparently if do it for 27 years go get this 1300lb monstrosity!

    It's pretty embarrasing when you get your computer stolen at a trade show about how to stop people from stealing you computers! Irony defined!


    Monday, June 14, 2004  

    sleepy :: posted 6:42:48 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    real quick entry ... go 'stros!!

    WTF!!! THIS SHIT is to damn funny... maybe I'm delirious from working all day but OMG I'm dying! You have to click on the image to make it play ... 2nd from right is a freakin riot too!

    Tivo Tivo Tivo Tivo to stream movies from the web!!!

    Saturn close up...

    Tokyo Plastic is freakin WOW! ... wish I could read it... good things come to those who try... ::drool::

    Sweetness... beautiful!

    More... I love it!!!

    Sunday, June 13, 2004  

    magical :: posted 10:18:31 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    About to head home... another weekend of racing in the DFW area comes to a close... my first time to see the indy cars... wow they are fast! and trucks too... good stuff!

    I have to agree with this. doh!

    this is!

    The 50 Coolest Song Parts on

    Amazing Patent Busting ... patented hyperlinks?!?! WTF!

    ok I have to go, but ... I'm going to leave you with a cool link... dark room, speakers on there are really 99 rooms... to f'in cool... samu

    Friday, June 11, 2004  

    angelic :: posted 7:42:27 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    fridaaaaayyyy! I need the weekend off that is for sure...

    Guess what I got?!!!!! yep my very own GMail account!!! HA! Got invited by a friend! anyway if you want send me something drop me a line at ... yet one more way you can reach me... if this thing is as cool as people say I'll end up forwarding all of my mail there. We'll see ...

    so have you heard about the Momsicle contest going on at The Buzz? They are giving away a $10,000 makeoverto a mom. Anyway one of our friends signed up along with well over 100 other girls and she made it down to the semi finals! last 15! Anyway looks like she did not make the finals though... it was a fun ride!

    Have you seen the top 10 food you should NOT eat? mmmm donuts...

    Are you Mac Head but stuck on a PC at work? This guy has some great listings for turning your PC into a Mac look alike! I like the idea of the Moby Dock... to cool!

    BTW how could I let this slip by... in all it's yummy goodness FireFox 0.9 RC is out! If you are still on IE please get it and start seeing what is out there... Once you do tabbed browsing I mean... ugh! and the builtin popup blocking, the speed, it is the shit!

    Got a bunch of iTunes songs? Hate the fact that they are DRMed? Un-DRM them then... :) ... sweet!

    Talking about music... This little home based player looks pretty hot... Sodoes the new Creative Zen Touch player yum!

    While building our theater I needed some lights for the indeirect lighting in the coves... my friend E knowing this sent me this link and wow! That is cool!

    are you a visual person? this page at Wired is a quick glance at photos hitting the news wire... kinda like a photo album snapshot of current events...

    The TECHNOLUST is running deep today!!! Sony Linux Navigation ahhhhhh.....

    Now why the hell didn't someone think of this sooner! When looking at web logs us admins like to pour over the numbers, but CEO needs a different view Visitorville let's you watch you traffic at your website as if it were a big city in Sim City or Rollercoaster Tycoon... So cool! Each building is a webpage and visitors literaly visit in real time the buildings! Little people arriving and walkling from place to place! Neat!


    Tuesday, June 08, 2004  

    neutral :: posted 4:11:58 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    What a freakin day!!!! servers going down things in turmoil, weather that is freakin out!!! and my Frogger game is totaly off today!

    On another note I cannot wait for this weekend... indy cars and trucks baby! zoom zoom... oh yea and we went to the Seaspace Expo this weekend... I'm now dieing to get wet... Cozumel is calling... I even went and bought an underwater housing for my digital camera... and geeky too!

    Done in jelly beans!

    DAMN!!! You win a date with a porn star so where do you take her? the senior Prom! to cool!... uh wait not so fast says the school!... SHIT!

    I like LOTR and I only got 6 out 10 right! DAMN! LOTR monsters quiz

    I leave you with a little site envy on my part... badd ass... I hope to be this good some day...samu

    Saturday, June 05, 2004  

    angelic :: posted 6:37:13 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    I went to an event this morning that I thought was going to be cool, but I had no idea! The HAAG 2004 Arcade EXPO!!!!!!
    was freaking awesome... I'd swear I was 10 again! There were tons of video and pinball games there most from the 80s all on free play or so full of credits it didn't matter. They had the room lights turned down low and loud music playing mostly 80s and techno. There I was playing Dragon's Layer jamming to some U2 and I realized I was smiling so hard my teeth had dried out. The realization almost brought a tear to my eye. It was further enhanced by the fact that Dade was there and he was digging it too... I played Tempest, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Robotron, Berzerk, Tron, Moon Patrol, Crazy Climber!!!!, Donkey Kong, Track and Field... the list goes on... it was so good... I did not want to leave... My friend G was there allong with J & J kis kids... to great, V.COOL!!

    On a sad note I just heard that Ronald Reagan has died. As I watch some of the news coverage they are rehashing the legacy of his Presidency... this has got to be bad news for the Dems. It's obvious that he was bad ass, his policies were bad ass, everything he did worked. He started with sky high inflation complete flip by his 8th year. The air traffic controllers threatened to strike ... what did he do? Fire their ass! Good! I mean come on he ended the cold war! President Reagan thank you for everything, you will be missed!

    Some links...
    Do not mess with momma! she'll sell your PS2 HA!

    Stupid game... Petals around the rose... took 6 rolls before I got it... damn

    damnit will you people please start running some antivirus software... something anything! I mean please... you are ruining the internet by enabling these viri punks and script kiddies... get something like Macafee or Norton... then get a good spybuster like Spybot Search and Destroy Crap!

    I'm done... WAR ATARI!!! later...

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