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Sam is doing what!

    Sunday, June 30, 2002  

    smiley :: posted 7:04:23 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Happy Anniversary to me! Today marks the one year anniversary of me starting to blog... Way back then when I started blogging I thought no one would look aside from the occasional passer by or my family. Well as I type this today I get about 100-125 unique hits per day! Wow I didn't think I knew that many people! No really to my avid readers wow! To my passers by thanks for looking... it's weird but I get some perverse satisfaction from people saying I saw this thing on your blog the other day... so thanks!

    So for my first link today how about some lite pron? Many of you are from the Texas area, and many of you have been to New Braunfels toobin right? Did you ever notice that guy on the side of the river with a video camera? Well he was filming and now for all you women out there that lost your top or showed a little camel toe or plumbers crack... that guy is making money off of you! shows just what it sounds like, but not very well... his site sucks and and is slow but there is always a few free pics up there to show you just what he's gettin.

    Sometimes people ask me what I look at when i surf the web. Well there is not much pleasure surfing going on anymore but one of the sites I frequent is the Replica Props Forum. This is a site about building props from movies... mostly Star Wars, but there some others there to. I may stray sometimes but I always come back to this site. Another I like is Especialy the forums. They have lots of stuff about home theaters there and the content is always fresh and it moves pretty fast. I look at other sites as well but these are 2 of my absolute faves!

    Feeding my Star Wars habit... The Science of Star Wars.

    Once again I must say ... DO NOT MESS WITH TEXAS! Did you know that Texas is the only state in the union that is allowed to fly it's state flag at the same height as the national flag? It's because we used to be our own country and we reserve the right to get out if we'd like. I recently saw where they are remaking "The Alamo" the movie. I think Ron Howard is doing it! Whoa! That's gonna be bad ass... When I spent my time over in England I can't tell you how many Brits knew where Texas was and about things like NASA and Houston and The Alamo and Dallas and such... it was amazing... when I enquired about other states it was usually met with a blank stare other than maybe NY and Florida...anyway on to the story... According to this NY Times article history textbook writers are learning not to mess with Texas!

    This guy got a cease and desist letter from Time Warner Cable recently because he had a cable modem attached to a wireless access point and was inviting people with wireless to use it for free. I guess I'll hold off on my plans now.

    jamin to Blondie right

    Wednesday, June 26, 2002  

    sick :: posted 5:02:42 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    I don't have much to say today... My back that the doctor told me not to worry about is killing me, my Tivo is still busted and about to quit working altogether and I'm burning more money than I'm making right now... gotta rectify that situ!

    TECHNOLUST ALERT! Tablet or not!? I don't care what you call it, I want it!

    Remember when we had no e-mail? .... uhhhh barely!

    Angie and I went to dinner and movie this past weekend. In those few hours we counted about a dozen times that our digital DNA was scanned. Bought tix online, paid with CC, paid for dinner w/cc, used cell phone, picked up tix w/cc etc... In the movie we saw, Minority Report, they EyeDentiScan machines everywhere! It basically tracked you around the city because you can't help but look at the machine and just a glance is enough for the machine to scan your retina. how many times a day do you get scanned? That movie is not to far from into the future as you might think!

    When you done with your eggs, you camn eat the carton?

    In keeping with my in the future theme today... AI is closer to reality than you might think. It seems everything uses AI these days to help learn something or another... scary!

    If I see one of these symbols on my house I'm gonna be pissed! Yes I have WiFi now... it kinda reminds me of Blade with the glyphs.

    anyone check out Tron 2.0 lately... remember awhile back when I told you to watch it... it's changed!

    Tuesday, June 25, 2002  

    upsidedown :: posted 5:34:45 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    this is CGI!

    Well after the rant I went on yesterday I thought I'd not talk so much today... have some links my friends!

    Microsoft has a Big Secret

    Letterman is going to do and interview with Koppel on Nightline... the thing is ABC tried like hell to replace Koppel with Letterman and in the end Letterman chose to stay at CBS... read me

    From my friend G take back baseball hell I wasn't gonna go that day anyway!

    Hey wish me luck on this one it might be a bumpy ride!

    Have some just cool links...


    2nd Method

    Seven Flow

    2 advanced


    LiquidDreamz Rydz

    Monday, June 24, 2002  

    frowny :: posted 5:04:07 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    I know I promised so here it goes... Waterworld... what a freakin nightmare! I think the service at WW was the worst I've ever seen anywhere I've ever been, even worse than the movie theater and McDondalds! I come from the unique perspective of having worked there in the first year they were open as a gaurd so yes I can say I know what they are doing at least the gaurds.

    Dade and I get there with fresh season passes in hand and walk up to the now combo park. It seems they just did AW and WW as one park this year, no seperate ticket. So we walk and head for the Season Pass Processing Center over in the Coney Island section of the park. This is pretty good, short line it went sorta quick and we had our passes in no time. This is where the first problem occured. In order to get to WW you have to go to the Tidal Wave and walk under/past it. Well how do you get to the Tidal Wave? Go to the Mexicana area. How you get there? Oh you have to go through Main Street Plaza area to the old Nottingham area past the new roller coaster, then up to the Skyway in the Oriental Village, loop around that and head through the Mexicana area until you see the Tidal Wave then take a left. Now walk up the path eventhough it seems like your going the wrong way keep going across the RR tracks and then you'll see the entrance. HUH! All of this without a sign in sight... it's a damn good thing I have been here like 100 times or I would have walked around and been lost for an hour trying to find the damn entrance. Well we made it and Dade was tired from the 2 mile hike and I was sweaty too, and that water looked damn good at this point.

    First things first, let's get a locker and put our gear in it. We get in the 7-10 person line at the locker/tube rental shack and about AN HOUR later we were one person from the front. That person was an employee there on her off day trying to scam some free tube and locker or something. She said what she wanted and then wouldn't give the guy any money, meanwhile the line is now 30+ strong and I'm pissed at the amount of time it has taken and they are fartin around and I'm about to lose it when a supervisor shows up and send her on her way. So I pay the guy for the locker and he gives me a wrist band(for the deposit refund) and then he just stands there and looks at me. After about 30 seconds I remind him I did not get a key yet so he goes into ultraslow motion and bends down and start to pick up something. It took a full minute for him to slooooowwwwlllyyy take his time in picking out a key for me. Ok I'm about to blow at this point but I've got my super excited 4 year old tugging at my arm so off we go.

    Our first stop Lil' Bucaneer Bay the kiddie section. First thing I notice is that nothing is working. The slides are pumping but the trees, the cannons, the coconuts and ship spouts are not doing anything. Dade doesn't notice so I'm happyish that he's happy. So Dade goes up and waits his turn for a slide but gets stuck at the top because a 1 year old is there without a parent in sight as far as I could tell trying to climb up the slide. I'm sitting in the pool about 10 feet away expecting to see a gaurd help out or a parent get her but nope 3 of the 4 gaurds in the area are having a powwow about whos screwing who or something by the sound of the language (in the kiddie area) and the lone other gaurd is way over there looking after another slide. So Dade is patiently waiting for this "baby" to get out of the way so he can go when finaly a parent shows up AND HELPS THE KID CLIMB UP THE FREAKIN SLIDE! WTF! Dade slides down and I convince him we need to be somewhere else so we head out to the Lazy River. On the way I see a 20'x30' section of astroturf, which covers everything in this area, covered in brown/black slime from standing water. It's obvious by the gooeyness that it has not been attended to in weeks. There were a couple of little kids "skiing" through it though... hmm maybe it was a new ride in the making... again not a gaurd to be seen, anywhere!

    The Lazy River was uneventful and provided a moment for me to "come down" from the rage I had been building up but this was short lived. Our next stop was the racing slides. We get in line to get a mat and there are only 8-10 people ahead of us. Six go at a time on this slide so this should only take a minute to get a mat. Well first only one person comes down. Then they take their sweet time getting off the slide so the next set can come down. The one gaurd down here is more interested in talking on his cell phone than hurrying this lone slider along too. Next 2 come down oh but before that one of them sent their shoes down ahead, well the guy at the top won't let them go since the shoes are now at the bottom of the slide and not off the slide. So the gaurd has to go and get them out of the way... oh and you can tell he's not happy about having to get off his phone call so he going to stroll out there and get them as slow as he can and looking as pretubed as he can. Finally they send down those 2 then a run of six come down and we get a mat. I guess it's been 10-15 minutes for what should have been 2 minutes at this point so I start the timer on my watch. We get in the "we have a mat" line and we wait and wait and wait and I notice that 12 minutes has gone by and no one is behind us... they aren't even running! It turns out someone in an area not even adjacent to the slide got hurt, they fell or something. So the gaurds shut down the slide so they could watch! Eventually they gave her a band aid and everything started and we got to slide.

    At this point I wanted to complain so I start to head back to customer relations when I notice Dade bounding along beside me like a gazelle! To him this was the way it was, he didn't know that all the employees were acting "put out" to be there and that things were all crappy, only I knew this and I was about to show him that the fun he was having was not fun at all, so I decided not to do it. There about another dozen or so incidences throughout the next 3 hours we were there, and in the end we were at AW and had bad service there to. Now I want you to know I'm not being unreasonable here. Employees singing "come on rain, all you people need to go home!" to my face is not acceptable. I would have been canned on the spot if I had done that in '83... I guess it's just sign of the times... I must be getting old or something, even the family places are not that "family" anymore. Next time I will take names and make a note of times and send in something after the fact...I don't want to damage my son's dreamland. :(

    magical :: posted 8:46:44 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    How was your weekend... I had a kick ass weekend. I took Dade to Waterworld on Friday... the service there is horrible but more on that on the next post. I took Dade to the race track on Saturday and went to eat at Empire Cafe and to see Minority Report on Saturday w/Angie. Wonderful!

    Anyway the real reason I'm posting is I just found a link I wanted to show everyone, and I was afraid I'd forget if I did not post RIGHT NOW! The Future? nttDoCoMo is Japanese mobile phone company that is making great strides in highspeed anytime anywhere connections. They also promote technology such as video phones. I think they are THE driving force in moving mobile data into the future. Go to the link and view their vision of the future, I think for them most part it's a very realistic and achievable goal. I hope they make it real.

    lot's more later...

    Thursday, June 20, 2002  

    upsidedown :: posted 5:22:47 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    No one won the Lotto last night so it's going to be a whopping 68M on Saturday! We got a pool together at work so hopefully we will hit on that. If we do I'll walk away with a 1.2M in the bank... and I think everyone here on that list will probably quit!

    Well for all of us BIG people Southwest Airlines is going to start charging us double to fly! read about it ... like I need another incentive to lose the weight! I see this getting out of hand, and another thing is a few years ago they tightend up the seating on the plane making it hard for us tall people to fit... now this! Nice.

    I don't like cats that much and the more I see of this site the more I don't like cats!

    They say that now they have a cell phone that is a tooth implant! damn and I thought I had a small phone!

    Ok it seems as if someone has linked junk food and sexual addiction... I find it a stretch but some of you will get a kick out of reading it! read me then read a real live case of this here. I know her blog is waaaay better than mine but not about to start going out and doing crank then tell all of you about it!

    Here is a nice article about and blogging in general.

    Did anyone see Futurama Sunday night! That was the best, I still can't belive they are going to can this show! It's so damn funny! Anyway I was purusing Slashdot, as you do, when I ran across this site. Got Futurama? On there they mention how Slashdot uses an XML format to do all of the news and stuff and that the nodes all have names like Bender and Fry and Zapp and stuff! How cool is that! If you did not see it you should get a copy from KaZaA, it was called "Anthology of Intrest II" ... the middle story is worth the price of the download!

    In case you didn't realize it we just passed the one year anniversary of Tropical Storm Allison. So for all you homeowners out there you might want to think about that flood insurance! It takes 30 days to kick in once you get it So now is almost to lat but better last than never! and if you live out of the 100 year flood plain/plan it's pretty cheap. Allison Pictures to help you remember...

    Damn that is nasty! thanks to L for that one ... ugh I'm gonna go wash my hands!

    Wednesday, June 19, 2002  

    smiley :: posted 4:01:02 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Gotta go to the doc again today... well I pulled one off on the home alarm system. I went to this website and contacted Jim. He talked me through the process for only $10! I was ready to spend alot more than that and now it's all fixed up!

    My friend RR passed me this link today, I have not looked at it but it has some good potential!

    Want to play a game? Try Capoeira Fighter ... it's a pretty good flash game.

    Tuesday, June 18, 2002  

    smiley :: posted 5:46:59 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    to funny

    Today I plead with you... if anyone knows someone who knows how to work on home alram systems please let me know. I had a single sensor go out and now no one will work on it unless I sign a damn contract with them for monitoring. ughhh! I guess I'll be doing it myself.

    It's been quiet on cool stuff to see lately... here are a couple.

    My friend RR sent me this one Bad Jocks is a site that keeps tabs on all the bad atheletes out there... v.funny!

    oops gotta go... I promise I will get some better links in here in the coming days...

    Monday, June 17, 2002  

    ragey :: posted 10:19:57 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    My back has been bothering me lately so I went to the doctor today. She said it was nothing so I guess I'll sue for malpractive when I become paralyzed! Everything I touch is breaking! My PDA shattered screen, My Tivo won't connect and I'm pissed off, my cable modem fried got a new one, my House alarm, one sensor is stuck... ughhh!!!!! Other than that I'm peachy!

    What will they Pierce next!?!!

    Google alert! All the web is claiming a bigger search repository than google... searches look good so far.


    Wednesday, June 12, 2002  

    smiley :: posted 5:48:22 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Happy I am today ... 2 in a row, wins in hearts that is... just try to stop my mood!

    Even the PC manufacturers are getting to dirty campaings Apple wants you to switch!

    Six degrees of force feedback... this may be the future of video gaming!

    Slashdot is reporting that DivX is coming for the Xbox... this will be a serious issue for the movie industry if/when this comes out.

    Linux is tooting it's horn with the latest from ILM. It turns out that ILM used Linux machines and some homebrewed software to do the AOTC movie. Read bout it here and see some the very impressive screen shots.

    time to go now...

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