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Sam is doing what!

    Thursday, October 28, 2004  

    magical :: posted 8:10:23 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Halloween is a buuuuusssssyyyy time of year for me! So sorry about lack of updates... I have just a couple of quick links, both require sound please.

    From my friend S John Kerry Waffle Compilation it's easy to say something everyone likes when you talk out of both sides of your mouth... incredible!

    This Britney game gets hard at the 2nd level I made it to the 5th and could make it no further. The crap she says is the best part of the game though!

    Finally from Big G...

    Little David was in the 4th grade when the teacher asked the children
    what their fathers did for a living. All the typical answers came
    back--fireman, policeman, salesman, doctor, lawyer, etc. David was
    being uncharacteristically quiet so the teacher asked him about his

    David's reply was this: "My father's an exotic dancer in a gay cabaret
    and takes off his clothes in front of other men and they put money in
    his underwear. Sometimes if the offer is really good, he goes home with
    some guy and they do stuff I'm not supposed to know about."

    The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the other
    children to work on another project while she took little David aside to
    ask him, "Is that really true about your father ?"

    "No," said David, "he works for the Democratic National Committee to
    elect Kerry, but I was too embarrassed to say that in front of the other

    gotta go ....

    Monday, October 18, 2004  

    smiley :: posted 2:52:31 PM :: comments(1) ::permalink

    Go 'StroS! Holy crap!!! nice weekend! 2-2 with one more at home tonight! War Backe!

    Big G sent me this video and holy crap! what would you do!

    My friend S sent me this mad fooseball skill video...


    comments(1) : + add +
    .:: angie
           Obviously did not happen in Texas cuz he would have gotten his ass shot!!

    Thursday, October 14, 2004  

    ragey :: posted 1:21:01 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Ok who wants to string up Qualls right now... the way I see it is we pissed away a perfectly good game... if you really look at the game as a whole we match up pretty damn good here and should take some of these games down... let's hope it's 4 of them!

    My friend G just sent me this... damn dats funny! Lot's more here ... the Stabucks one is great!


    Wednesday, October 13, 2004  

    smiley :: posted 6:02:44 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    I have a link... this link is not a video of some crazy bike stunt or a new graphical interface, it is simple a well told story of life and Scrabble. While you are there check out the rest of the Vidlets on the site, nice stuff.

    On a side note my son turned 7 yesterday... it's so great having boy, I thank my wife every night when I lie down. I know I had an equal part in that but she cooked him up just right. Anyway Mom's birthday is tomorrow. It's a busy time of year right now.

    War Berkman, Bagwell, Biggio, Beltran, Brad Ausums, and all of the other Killer B's Backe tonight! Go Stros!

    Monday, October 11, 2004  

    angelic :: posted 1:15:02 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    ... go Stros!!! Please... just once please!!!!

    Gues who's at it again!!! Jib Jab has got another one out! F'in HILARIOUS! Here is a direct Link! damn these guys are good...

    Wednesday, October 06, 2004  

    evil :: posted 7:36:07 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Badabing...Go Stros! Another link only day today...

    WTF! Man the Japanese have a different view on the whole customized car look!

    Just incase you'd like to become a are some full on instructions.

    Links I think are!






    Tuesday, October 05, 2004  

    smiley :: posted 2:35:58 PM :: comments(1) ::permalink

    Rollercoaster!!! Urban Legend or not? either way

    This is kinda cool...

    THIS is wrong on so many levels. owee owee owee no no no!

    It takes a steady hand to make it through level 3! Steady game

    I sure don't think my wang looks like a chicken neck! even in the dark of night! Man cut's off penis and dog eats it! WTF!

    Ok your cruise control gets wacked and speeds you up to 120mph ... you have a card for a key so yanking that does nothing, what do you do? Call for help! wow! Wild!

    Caffinated Beer! I kid you not!

    maybe more later...

    comments(1) : + add +
    .:: angie
           I'm using the "cruise control" excuse next time I get busted for speeding!

    Friday, October 01, 2004  

    sleepy :: posted 1:05:37 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    I know woe is me is the norm these days but damn I have been putting the time in lately. First we had a major software release that was due today! and what happens our office is moving the week before. Last week between mon and fri I put in 70 hours, it was insanity the whole time. Nothing worked as planned. Furniture was late, the phones were late, the furniture turned out to be to small to house the double monitor set up the dispatch computers have, the power poles didn't reach the ground it was hell!

    It's all a big blur now but here are some ofthe hilights as I remember them. Wednesday was the real start of the move, One of our 2 T1 lines went hot and and we moved our server. We are only going form the 9th floor to the 5th floor so it was not far but the web server is the core of the business and this had to go perfectly and it did!! they are the shit! so far so good... while we are there I see they are installing furniture, it's about time. Oh but wait they never fixed the carpet?!?! Two weeks prior they installed the carpet and it looked like crap! It like it came form two different rolls or something totaly unacceptable... ok contact the building manager... "ummm they are writing a report." ... For what it looks like hell! You should ahve already fixed this crap! now we got furniture in place over it! Anyway ... Thursday the day before the move, contact MCI to make sure everything is Kosher, phones are the next biggest portion of the business sothis has to work or we go in the tank! Oh yea and the phone company is there installing the new system the day before we move! Anyway MCI!&@%#&% they are providing us with a T1 and a PRI for voice. Early morning I contact provisioning to work out the details of the data... "ummm we haven't got a norder for you?!?, well the circuit is there??!" It turns out they didn't put the order in for the T! Ok they did 2 months early but it got canceled and despite an email telling me the order was being reentered it was not. Ok we are moving down there in 15 hours what am I supposed to do? they escalate Telco and try to get it going. G and I come up with optional plans! Everyone will go on the other T for now and monday the telco will be sorted and we can get rolling. ummm where is our router? MCI, We don't supply that. Me, are you kidding? I am just now getting wind of this was it not in our contract? turns out is was implied but not in there. ok more on this later! ...

    We are about to move the next morning at 6am MCI contacts me and tells me that Logix will not release our phone numbers?!?! Why no what is the deal... well MCI has screwed the pooch on this deal too. Turns out they did not put in the request to roll the lines properly, 3 times in a row!!! So when they finally got it right, it was to late. Ok so we movie in 15 hours to a space that has no data and no phones numbers this is gonna be fun! During this time I go down to check on the progress of the phone install, it turns out the power poles on the cubilcles were to short so the phone guys decided not to wire them and they were gone?!? Huh! also the electrican decided to wire them anyway so at the bottom of each pole is 3 feet of exposed wire! WTF!!! oh and because of that they won;t put power to the poles... so let's recap, no data line, no phonen numbers, no phone jacks to plug into and no power for the PCs anyway and we are moving in 12 hours now! HOLY SHIT!

    We called the furniture people they brought better poles out right away. The phone people made a guy stay and wire some temp plugs up before he left for night. getting better, go forward with the plan to put everyone on the T ... we decided to leave the existing phone system in our old space and forward the calls to one of our new numbers that MCI had ready because they were new and did not need to be cut over from another provider... it's now 10pm I need to be here at 5am I'm gone...damn... show up at 5am no power yet, send someone after lot's of extension cords, start getting private office PCs online on the alternate set up. 6am we forward the phones and amazingly enough we are operational, barely. 9am they hook up the power nice. we stay this way throguh the weekend, checking email remotely.

    Monday, Alright G scrambles and gets a router and tech for monday. After spending all day on monday he finally gets it working and we move the email server. We only put one person on the new MCI T and his packet loss is gigantic everything is failing! Ok OK! get MCI on the phone, by now we've moved our mail server and there is no turning back we need this line fully operational!!! MCI screws it up so bad that here is on Thursday and no email no line no anything! We had to move the email box to the T and prop it up as we did not realy have the hardware to do what we wanted through that line. On Wednesday MCI was supposed to be keeping us in contact every 30 mins... nope they quit calling and they quit returning our calls. Nice. as it stands now the T is still not operationaly and theya re blaming telco funny this is telco just showed up to install another T at MCIs request. We asked about the other circuit, his response was that it was another MCI debacle. what a mess! I've brely scratched the surface of all the crap that happend and while this was going on I had to be wrapping up a major major development project for delivery... insane!

    I'll try and post some links later... I haven't even had time to surf this week... samu

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