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Sam is doing what!

    Tuesday, July 30, 2002  

    upsidedown :: posted 5:39:29 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    couch made from mousepads

    WOW! I am totaly out of it today... I even passed 4 cards during hearts today... WTF! By the way I got my saber today and it is so fine...

    Defying Gravity? Someday it might be the way you travel.

    Can you imagine freefalling for over 6 minutes or going 800 mph with only a parchute on your back? this guy is going to attempt to freefall from the edge of space and break the sound barrier!

    Oh yea, you remember that asteroid that was going to hit Earth? it isn't.

    OMG TECHNOLUST and Star Wars in the same package! You can now own your own voice recognizing Astromech Droid... some of you are thinking that's just not that cool? Well look at this video first! mmmmmmm R2

    Have you ever wanted to see what those execs make? Well you need to go here. DAMN! Some of these guys have some weet deals!

    Monday, July 29, 2002  

    sleepy :: posted 3:55:52 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    How was your weekend, mine was great!
    Astros day game... seats were on the club level and were freakin awesome! The 'stros kicked ass too which made it pretty fun!
    Friday I took Dade to Jillians, Red Robin and Stuart Little 2 at the Marq*e afterwards we ate ice cream. He had a blast! The movie wasn't half bad either.
    Saturday after some prodding R and P went with us to dinner and a show. We started out not knowing where we were going, I had Fandangoed 7:30 tix to Road to Perdition but dinner was up in the air! After some deliberation we ended up at the Sambucca Jazz Cafe in downtown Houston. Very Nice... kick ass food! Great time was had, could have stayed there all night really lots of fun, but off to the movie. We went to Edwards over on Weslayan. It was not super crowded but it was full. The movie was pretty good, it had some low spots but over all I give it a thumbs up! Great night can't wait to do it again!
    Lunch at Mom and Dad's house and swim before the rain came, which it didn't. Watched Monster's Ball last night too... why did everyone think this movie was all that... I thought it was kinda crappy.

    Did you guys hear about the UFOs that flew over the capitol on friday? No For real!

    The latest idea for IRAQ seems to be centered around starting in the middle of the city of Bagdad and working out?

    How about a little PRON for the ladies out there... tighty whiteys are hot

    The chinese are trying to control the weather for the upcoming olympics bid.

    There is always some freaky people out there... Serial defecator hunted by police

    robot insects? the way of the future...

    me so sleepy... nite nite...

    Thursday, July 25, 2002  

    upsidedown :: posted 11:44:42 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Whoa I'm feeling more apt to blog it today... Daisy is fine, minus 10 teeth but fine none the less. Angie was at the ball game last night when Ausmus had a flip out! What the hell was all of that... and I'm going to todays game thanks to S!

    So you've all seen vanity plates going down the road and sometimes you just can't figure out what they are saying... well after reading through a few hunder on this site, I have a new found understanding for how to read a pl8.

    Y'all know I have a Star Wars jones, check this out! Lot's fan made movies here that are nothing short of incredible.
    Speaking of Star Wars... I got a new saber!

    Now this is a new twist on the whole piracy bootleg thing. It seems like the industries are trying to get a law passed that if they can detect pirated music, videos etc... on you machine then they can hack it with immunity... BS I say!

    You've heard of "Death by Chocolate"... well now it's real.

    Cool Linx...

    Slow but pretty

    Cool... flashy

    Nice on the eyes... poor content

    Looks neato but wtf is it?

    I like the cursor drop shadow

    And I leave you with The mother of all Belly Flops courtesy of Consumption

    Wednesday, July 24, 2002  

    angelic :: posted 5:11:03 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Another day in the books... WaterWorld was much better yesterday but still not good... it's to bad that it has to be that way too. The slime pit was still there as well as all the hazard I saw last time... lots and lots of disinterested employees as well... at least this time I only got inconvienanced by one of them. Dade had a ball by the way!

    You knew it would happen sooner or later, the sky is really falling I think I hear Aerosmith playing...

    How cool is this! The birth of Superman!

    Oh man I gottta go Daisy had 10 freakin teeth pulled out today and I have to go and pick her up! Man that dog had the worst breath you've ever smelled in your life! ugo!

    Tuesday, July 23, 2002  

    smiley :: posted 10:54:31 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Short blog today... I'm off to Waterworld in a couple of hours... I know after that last rant I ought to be shot for even thinking of going, but the thing is we bought season passes on that trip and I'll be damned if I'm not getting my money's worth out of them. Anyway how about a few links...

    Unstoppable viruses, massive blackouts, hacked pacemakers? The government's number two cyber security guy wasn't this apocalyptic when he worked for Microsoft. WOW!

    TECHNOLUST ALERT iPod competition ... I say Trust your Technolust!

    Saba is a prime example of what not to do with a website... IE only... btw great layout, just hate the takeover aspect of it!

    if you can get it to work... Booby is pretty good!

    Monday, July 22, 2002  

    ragey :: posted 4:37:31 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Blogedty blog blog... wow what a weekend! It seems like forever since I talked to you all! Our big deal this weekend was the trip Crystal Beach... J turned 30 and they rented a beach house on Crystal Beach. We went on Friday when Angie got off of work... this is the first time in years that I have been across the Boliver ferry. Anyway we got there at dark... it was fun and ended at about 3a we had to come back early the next day but that was ok. They stayed the weekend... so if you know J give her hell... what a geezer!

    So is there going to be as much hype about Worldcom as there was about Enron? I doubt it... Enron plowed the field, the rest will just follow. BTW if your looking to invest money in the market... they say sex sells.

    I wanna go to Vegas now! Today! ughh!!!

    Why "Nice Guys" are often such LOSERS nice huh! Figures, coming from a site like

    Google it's not just for searching anymore... neato!

    Sometime human will is simply amazing... I can't imaging the pain this man must have been in, mentally and phyically.

    All men should read this and pay attention to number 4! I knew it!

    you know, we've all seen the video of the cop slamin the kid on the car and then punching him and I'm sick of hearing how this cop should automatically lose his job. you don't what happened before this video... I know there are those who would say nothing could have happened to warrant that. Ok what if they tackled him because he was running, they cuffed him on the ground and when they tried to search him for weapons he rolled over and kicked them? ok what if he tried to reach in his back pocket and pulled out a gun? worse what if before that he had pulled a gun and shot at them? from what I saw the video looks bad, but if you look at the punching cop his head is bleeding. something must have happened before this. all I'm saying is get down off the lynch mob mentality and make a descision for yourself, not what the media tells you to think... disgusted I am...

    good enough for

    Wednesday, July 17, 2002  

    smiley :: posted 5:02:55 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    hiddy ho today! Last night I watched Batman Forever.. That Riddler part was made for Jim Carrey! Awesome! Anyway after that I decided it was time to sell my ISDN lan modem. So off to ebay! So anyway after putzing around with itfor an hour I got it up there... it sold and the guy already PayPaled me the money! Kick Ass! Then I get a note from a fellow Halloweener that they need some help with a website... so I call 'em up get the particulars, and do the work (it was nothing really) and Bam they have already PayPaled me the money... I love PayPal!

    On another Ebay note...look at what I got outbid on at the last moment! ugghhh I need to complete my collection!

    Finally there is this. It seems that someone got 3 ebay accounts and used two of them to bid the price up to astonomical proportions. (over $800 in this case) Then at the almost end of the auction retracted the two users bids leaving the third sitting pretty with a cheap price. While all of this was going on someone was emailing all of the auction participants and trying to sell them another version of the diary for a lot less. All in all wow this thing was doomed to be pulled and I agree with him. It's normally worth $500-$600 but not $800 and certainly not $300.
    R sent me both of the next 2 links...
    Man who had sex with underwear-clad dogs forced to flee nuff said.

    Least Likable Players in Baseball Clemens over Rocker! No Way!

    Allen Iverson's story whatever... oh and keep mom under wraps she's not helping... click the video to see for yourself... better bring an ebonics dictionary though.

    wings tonight!!!!!!

    Tuesday, July 16, 2002  

    angelic :: posted 4:36:33 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Slow today too! I will press on... last night Angie got me a copy of Batman Legacy all 4 Batman DVDs in one box... super cool! We watched the original last night, I had forgotten most of it so it was quite fun to watch... on another note... Wags WTF! Come on... damn!

    Some writers make any topic sound cool... The Floater

    Looking for a new MP3 to play try Rachels songs about F'ing

    Have you ever waited on hold for a long time to speak to someone in customer service and then right when they answer click! WTF I think Joel has it figured out

    On slashdot there is an article (in japanese!) about some comapny in Japan that squeezed a terabyte into a cd sized optical disc! holy crap that is cool!

    Remember the article about the guys who figured out how to extend wifi to 20 miles... looks like the first thing I've seen to get the jump an that puppy is here

    Hack and you get life?! it's now possible.

    Did you know the Tour 'de France is going on right now... Lance Armstrong is in 2nd as of today but he's getting to the stages where he normally kicks ass... this guy is flat out amazing he was about to die from testicular cancer and came back to win the Tour what 2 times in a row now... he is the baddest man on the planet... my friend R sent me this link about Lance's wife and visiting President Bush with thier son... pretty cool.

    today is another day ... did you do anything worthwhile? why not?

    Monday, July 15, 2002  

    confused :: posted 5:21:16 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Ok I'm going to have to have a small entry today because my connection here at the office is blowing up... I had a great weekend how about you? I took Dade to the Eagle Point Wave pool and to see MIIB on Friday, we got home just in time to for a bad ass storm to come in and fry another sensor in my alarm system. WTF! Along with my phone, my satelite and cable modem freaking out it was a harrowing 3 hours! Saturday I went to see a friend of mine L, his daughter A turned 2, they had a cool slip and slide set up the hill in the backyard. The thing was 100 feet long and you got flyin by the end of it wow! Lot's of fun! I also found out he's got a C card! YEA! Anyway Sunday was good too lunch at Mom and Dad's a short dip, another big storm and then a trip walFart... Watched The Musketeer(pretty good), Shallow Hal(soso), The Majestic(wait for cable but see it) and Jimmy Nutron(if you a child buy it).

    one link ... This idiot tried to eat a live octopus... now you know how it all turns out...

    Thursday, July 11, 2002  

    angelic :: posted 5:15:54 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    I have nothing to say today... at least not much of anything...

    I added some new pages to my Photos section... big honkin spider and my movie poster collection!

    Here are some things I won on ebay recently...
    MEN IN BLACK II 2 - Advance Movie Poster d/s
    Super Mini Pinhole Spy Camera w/protector
    and hopefully I'll win...
    MONSTERS INC. Disney movie POSTER
    LION KING Disney movie POSTER
    and !!!!
    Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi Lightsaber Repilca Prop I really want this but my $200 bid was still not over the reserve, it may be to rich for me...
    And last but not least I'm drooling over this...
    Star Wars Lightsaber Prop Collection of 50 the opening bid is $30k... a bit out of my league...

    On a side note I realized that I could be driving a used Viper right now except for the insurance... that sucks!

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