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Sam is doing what!

    Friday, September 30, 2005  

    smiley :: posted 10:09:12 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink,1284,69036,00.html?tw=rss.TOP
    Here we go!!!!! SERENTIY!!!!!

    Thursday, September 29, 2005  

    angelic :: posted 4:04:44 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    IT'S HERE TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! IF I weren't so damn tired I'd be there with the other browncoats... can't wait for tomorrow now...

    angelic :: posted 1:07:33 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Monday, September 26, 2005  

    ragey :: posted 5:23:38 PM :: comments(1) ::permalink

    So do you think it's over? Guess again! All of these people are compaining about evacuating "for nothing". It would not have been for nothing if it had hit here, and you may get your wish!
    While I think this may be a bit old I started to look around the site and saw this! Whjat does that mean? The season is not over and we should not be so quick as to say phew it's over, we made it! In reality two storms in a row have come right up the gut into the gulf and hit almost in the same spot so the conditions are certainly there for it happen again. We should all be thinking hurry up cold fronts! Thanks to big G for the image.

    :: 9/26/2005 8:33:37 PM
    Cool ... Space elevator on it's way

    :: 9/26/2005 8:55:15 PM
    I'm on level 7 and stuck like chuck! I know there are answers out there on the internet... you can put them in my comments only if you explain how you got them, and I do not mean "I got them from the internet. huh!"

    comments(1) : + add +
    .:: sgmorton
           I have the answers up to 7 if anyone else decides to play. Let's get this thing going.

    Sunday, September 25, 2005  

    smiley :: posted 6:45:16 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    UPDATE! My parents just got the power back on... more stuff opening around town. Gas trucks coming in from all over as well. Should be back to normal in a day or two.

    smiley :: posted 5:41:56 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Nothing new today... just freakin heat! My parents are going to stay here until the power comes back on at their place. Some stores are starting to open around town which is good, I have enough gas to go to and from work one time only then I'm screwed! Speaking of I'm not sure if I'm supposed to go to work even. I suspect yes and I am planning on it at thios point.

    Anyway thanks to all the well wishers that kept calling and what not during the storm.


    Saturday, September 24, 2005  

    blah :: posted 7:08:47 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    As promised...

    Ready for Rita Album

    Rita Aftermath Photos

    For our Neighbors the Larsons Album

    Some of the aftermath photos are from my neighborhood on the next street. In our neighborhood there are about 6 or 7 lost trees. The Larsons across the street have one leaning on their house and on the main street there are many. Just out of the neighborhood there was a telephone pole snapped in half. Crazy!

    neutral :: posted 1:40:17 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    I got a chance to get around Baytown. Things are not bad. There are a few trees down here and there. At least one or two that hit houses. Lot's of downed power lines, I almost ran into one. Over all I think we'll chalk this one up to a big fat LUCKY! I got some snaps I'll post them later.

    sleepy :: posted 6:48:51 AM :: comments(2) ::permalink

    Sorry for the lack of entries. I actualy got a little nap in there. It seems as if the gusts are coming much less frequently now. The police scanner is all quiet still so I'm sure they are still holed up in the station and command center. The power has been off and on but never for long. Lucky so far! I looked outside and did not see any destruction on my street. Once thing are leveled off and there is some daylight I'll go out and see what there is to see.

    comments(2) : + add +
    .:: Mark nxt door
           Sam, hope all is well! I cant believe you still have power. That is amazing! The wind is kicking pretty good here in Huntsville, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Sounds like things have gone pretty well. Dont get out to soon in this mess!
    .:: Kerber
           Hey Sam, Heard from my Dad and Brother in Clear Lake. Alls well. Power outages, downed power lines, etc. Rob's been busy fighting some fires. Lost a big apartment complex in Clear Lake because most of Fire Trucks in the area had responded to the Galveston fires in the middle of the night. They both said the most amazing site is when you go over the Kemah bridge. The bay is practically sucked dry! You can walk across it. Dad says it is down about 6 feet. Glad yall fared well. Stay Safe.
    confused :: posted 4:30:45 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    UPDATE: The wind has picked up again! Apparently there are trees down all over town. Baytown PD are reporting downed power lines and trees over roads all over town. The BPD has just come on the radio recalling all unit to the main station at 3200 N. Main. The weather conditions at this point are to bad to be in, several units have reported not being able to keep cars on the road.

    About 30 minutes ago the water pressure here dropped to almost nothing and now there is a report of a fire at the water plant on Thompson. Aparentlty the station behind the Pilot truck stop's power station is on fire, fully involved.

    There are reports all over town of windows out, the bank, the 7-11-7, a cleaners and others.

    Juding by the radar we are in the middle of it bigtime right now. Something rather large just hit the roof I'm going to go check as soon as there is a lull in the wind.

    UPDATE: Nothing I could see... it is to dark to see the roof though.

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